JFCS Youth

Emma E. Booker Elementary Prevention Program

JFCS offers behavior specialists to catch destructive habits early. Early learning helps children be successful in the classroom and prevents problematic behavior such as verbal and physical aggression, insubordination and substance abuse. School officials and classroom teachers work with the JFCS social worker to help students with behavior changes to ensure success in the classroom. Similar to the SATOSS middle school program, elementary school students are matched with trained adult mentors and/or tutors who serve as positive role models and provide academic and emotional support.

JFCS’s School Based Programs, “SATOSS,” provide guidance and counseling to students who are experiencing problems that may interfere with their academic and social success.  Services provided by Master’s level social workers and mental health counselors include assisting students to:


  • Social skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Communication skills
  • Academic/Organizational skills
  • Ability to effectively manage and express emotions
  • Academic/Career goals

Cope with:

  • Family stressors
  • School stressors

Students referred to the School Based Program may be experiencing or involved with:

  • Problems with peer pressure and social activities
  • School disciplinary actions and/or referrals
  • Out-of-school suspensions
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Juvenile crime
  • Academic difficulty

Students are referred to the program by school staff, usually administration, behavior specialists, guidance counselors, or teachers.  Parents of youth in any of the schools noted below, who feel their child could benefit from this program, should contact one of the school personnel referred to above.

Schools served: Booker High School, Booker Middle School, Heron Creek Middle School, McIntosh Middle School, and Emma E. Booker Elementary School.

Sponsored by JFCS and the State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice.