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Camp Mariposa® is a national addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by substance abuse in their families. Camp Mariposa is offered free of charge to all families. It’s a weekend camp for adolescents ages 9-16 impacted by substance use disorder of someone close to them. It is a traditional fun camp combined with education and support exercises led by mental health professionals and trained mentors. The Moyer Foundation  is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide comfort, hope and healing to children and families affected by grief and addiction. They have partnered with JFCS to create this dynamic program and help fund, develop and grow Camp Mariposa Sarasota- Bradenton.  Camp Mariposa is currently offered in 13 locations across the United States and will expand to 15 by the end of 2018. Since 2007, 1,260 youth have attended a Camp Mariposa weekend camp a total of 5,840 times. We have served over 370 youth though family activities.

The youth in Camp Mariposa are able to connect with new friends facing similar situations.  Campers are educated on addiction facts and learn that it is not their fault through the evidenced-based 7 C’s curriculum (I didn’t Cause it, I can’t Control it, I can’t Cure it but I can take care of myself by Communicating my feelings, making good Choices and Celebrating myself).  Camper’s learn confidence building skills, how to make positive choices and be resilient.  Critical life skills are taught to help manage feelings and to practice self-care.

Campers are able to thrive in this unique environment through self-expression and group activities. The group ropes course and physical challenge activities allow the campers to build trust among other group members. These activities are designed to increase healthy intentional risk taking leading to increased confidence for campers. After a traumatic negative impact, traditional camp activities become the cushion in a child’s life to create a distraction or a distance for the individual to cope. They provide temporary enjoyment but create lasting optimism and hope.

Addition activities for all family members, alumni and campers are offered in the off months of the camp weekends to provide continuity and support to all participants. These activities build knowledge, coping skills, confidence and strengthen the bonds within the families. Camp Mariposa provides a safe, fun and supportive environment critical to break the cycle of addiction.

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Camp Dates for 2018

January 12-14

March 2-4

May 4-6

June 22-24

July 27-29

September 14-15

November 16-18

2019 Camp Dates

January 25-27

March 8-10

May 3-5

June 21-23

July 26-28

About The Moyer Foundation

The Moyer Foundation is a public, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide comfort, hope and healing to children and families affected by grief and addiction. Founded in 2000 by MLB pitcher Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen, The Moyer Foundation supports thousands of children and families each year through its free signature programs and services. Camp Erin® is the largest national bereavement program for children and teens grieving the death of someone significant in their lives. Camp Mariposa® is an addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth impacted by the substance abuse of a family member. The Moyer Foundation Resource Center extends the Foundation’s continuum of care by providing robust online resources and personalized support for families experiencing grief or addiction. For more information, please visit www.moyerfoundation.org.

For more information, please contact Camp Director Jeanette Altman, jaltman@jfcs-cares.org or 941-366-2224