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Caregiver Support and Resources Calendar of Events

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Assisting a loved one who is ill or dying can be very stressful.

Caregivers frequently experience fatigue and isolation and don’t know how to ask for help. JFCS offers caregiver support groups and individual support sessions to help caregivers understand what their loved ones are going through, deal with the decisions that need to be made and the emotions they are experiencing and connect them to the resources they need.  This program is free of charge.  Caregiver support groups meet weekly at the main office in Sarasota, in Venice, and in North Port.

Are you a family member caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease?

The Alzheimer’s Support and Education Network is a free program created to support you and your family to reduce caregiver stress, increase coping skills, and connect you to community resources, including free respite. Funded by a grant from the Administration on Aging, this program includes individual and family counseling sessions, education, and ongoing support. Please call the ASEN Helpline at (941) 364-7508 to speak to a caregiver specialist for additional information.