JFCS Counseling

The VIP-ER Program is a long term residential substance abuse program located at The Salvation Army, Center of Hope (1400 10th Street, Sarasota, FL 34243). VIP-ER is a consortium of 6 agencies that partner together to provide services to individuals residing at The Salvation Army who are struggling with substance abuse and related issues. JFCS along with, First Step of Sarasota, Sarasota County Health Department, Salvation Army, SCTI and Community Haven provide an array of services to participants in The VIP-ER Program.

  • JFCS: provides Wraparound Facilitation, Family Unification Counseling and 1 year of follow up services
  • First Step of Sarasota: provides facilitation of a 10-week substance abuse curriculum and individual counseling
  • Sarasota County Health Department: provides medical and psychiatric services
  • Salvation Army: provides housing, meals and program structure
  • Suncoast Technical College: provides a Workforce Readiness class and GED preparation and examination
  • Community Haven: provides employment services and assistance about information about furthering education and applying for vocational funding

Eligible Participants:

To be eligible for the VIP-ER Program, participants must be residents of Sarasota County with a substance abuse issue and reside at The Salvation Army.

“…only because I had no hesitance in opening up and pushing myself on (JFCS Counselor), did I get the opportunity to find you and understand what you had to offer. My entire life would have been better, had I met you from the start. A huge part of what I needed was someone to bring me up, opposed to pushing me down. When I approached you with ideas and aspirations, you gave me a beautiful gift. When I was booted from your office (because of back to back appointments), I left with a new view, a new confidence and a burning desire to push myself towards success. You have offered something of extreme significance to my life and you must understand the importance. It is irreplaceable and look forward to the next year.”

  • Client testimonial at program commencement, April 2013