LIFE & Legacy - Assuring Jewish Tomorrows
JFCS of the Suncoast, Inc.

L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Society
LIFE & LEGACY™ Program

Guiding people from crisis to calm, from anguish to awareness, and from isolation to support, JFCS helps people become self-sufficient.  When individuals or families are in need or face adversity, JFCS is there to provide hope and healing when they just can’t “do it alone.”   The JFCS staff of highly-trained, compassionate professionals work together to provide holistic services encompassing the full circle of life … from cradle to the grave…for everyone in the family – infants, children, adults and seniors – regardless of income. This wrap-around approach of helping individuals who face multiple challenges is the most effective way to ensure positive outcomes and long term stability that transform their lives.
Offering individual and group counseling, wrap-around services and emergency financial assistance, JFCS responds to those in need by empowering:

  • isolated seniors to remain independent
  • struggling families to stay strong
  • at-risk youth to succeed
  • devastated cancer patients to cope
  • exhausted caregivers to remain strong
  • directly assisting homeless veterans and their families in finding safe, secure, and affordable housing
  • financially stressed families avoid eviction and from becoming homeless

Beyond helping individuals and families overcome challenges, JFCS provides services that address the deeper humanitarian issues our community faces and enact long-term, deep change.
JFCS Legacy donors are people like you who want to ensure sustainability of JFCS programs and services for generations to come.  Your gift will ensure that:

  • the community has an organization that  addresses the needs and responds to changing community, social, and economic situations through the lens of Jewish traditions
  • everyone who turns to JFCS receives high quality service and compassionate care regardless of their ability to pay
  • critical social services are available to individuals and families when unforeseen crises occur
  • individuals and families are empowered to become self-sufficient

Please JOIN US in securing the future for generations to come by making a legacy gift.
To create your Jewish legacy, contact VP of Major Gifts and Planned Giving at 941-366-2224.